One secret to finding your success.


 If not run by experts
with great tech who rally your network, 17 of every 20 online self-service
donor and sponsor campaigns FAIL.


Full-service is our difference.

 You manage your mission. We raise your
money. Our highly training funding pros use our great apps to expertly
energize your organization’s network, and that’s why 18 of 20 of our online
donor and sponsor campaigns SUCCEED. Our industry-leading campaign
success rate is 90%.


Our 2 full-service funding platforms now focus on 2 big funding
gaps—teams and schools, and healthcare bills. FundMyTeam.com helps
meet the $3 billion need in teams and schoolsg—without donors and
sponsors, 20% of US team and school activities die. MyDrCares.com
helps meet the $70 billion need to cover patients’ unpaid medical bills—the
#1 cause of personal bankruptcy and #1 reason patients skip care and
meds and switch doctors.



Assisted Fundraising

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Assisted Fundraising

Our FundMyTeam.com Assisted Fundraising lets teams and schools Play
Now Pay Never, either by raising funds directly or via their merchants. You
get dedicated expert campaign management, a great mobile app
experience that you and your community will love, and super-high net fund
yield of 85%.

Our MyDrCares.com lets healthcare practices cure Patient Payment
Disorder—the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy, #1 reason patients skip
care and meds and change doctors, and #1 financial problem for practices.
MyDrCares.com raises and runs Patient Compassion Funds that help pay
your patients’ unpaid or uncollectable bills. Patient Compassion Funds let
the 80% of your patients who can pay their bills donate and sponsor the
20% who cannot. Very good for your patients, very good for your practice.
You get dedicated expert campaign and payment management that
partners with your Revenue Cycle team, 100% HIPAA and Stark
compliance, all built on the strongest and safest fintech network with JP
Morgan Chase, Regions Bank, VISA, and Alphascrip.


Anne-Sophie Jan 2017

Anne-Sophie Ribault Whitehead

COO and Co-Founder

Anne-Sophie has been CMO, COO, co-founder and director of B2B media and service firms,
including Winning Media, Triathlete Magazine, Outsourcing Today, EmployeeService.com,
SharedXpertise Media, Corporate Responsibility Magazine and the American Distilling Institute. She
has experienced 3 successful exits. She founded League Network after being a volunteer leader of
New Jersey’s largest youth sports organization and realizing that teams and schools lack good
donor and sponsor funding solutions. She earned her BS from ICN in France and MBA from Catholic
University in Belgium, and is a dual US-French citizen.

Jay Headshot Tie 2018

Jay Whitehead


Jay is a serial IT, media and fundraising entrepreneur with 5 successful exits from 12 ventures, and
has raised over $150M in investor capital. He and Co-Founder Anne-Sophie met at Triathlete &
Winning Magazines in 1994 and since then have successfully partnered in several ventures and
realized 3 exits together. Jay earned a BA in History from the University of California Los Angeles
(UCLA), and Strategic Finance Certificate from the Harvard Business School. He is a dual US-
French citizen, and has finished 80 marathons and counting. Jay has led the company to earn the
Red Herring 100 Award and graduate with Newchip Accelerator’s 2020 “COVID Cohort.”

Alex Prasad headshot 2019

Alex Prasad


Alex is an experienced M&A and venture capital attorney, a veteran of the Bodman firm and
currently allied with Aegis Law. He also serves COO of V1 Sports, leader in virtual golf and baseball
skills training. Alex earned his BA from University of Michigan where he also served as Executive
Producer for Big 10 Sports television and ran cross country. He earned his JD from Notre Dame.

Gurvinder Batra


Gurvinder was a founder of publishing software leader Aptara in the 1980s, acquired in the early
2000s. He is a co-founder of venture technology developer Kiwitech, and serves as League
Network’s outsourced CTO. Gurvinder earned his BE from Jamia Millia Islamia.