6 Ways to Lower the Costs on Your Kid’s Sports

One of the top reasons why kids quit sports has nothing to do with their lack of interest but with a shortage of funds.

The sad reality is that many parents cannot afford the costs involved in sports participation. Between the uniform, equipment, and travel expenses, the costs ultimately add up. However, before pulling their kids out, parents should know that there are ways to deal with the high cost of sports.

Here are six ways to save money on everything from your kid’s gear to their uniforms:

Choose One Sport

It’s not uncommon for kids to move from one sport to the next as the seasons change. However, that could mean uniforms, gear, and other fees for multiple games. While it may be difficult to have your child choose one sport, it is better than none. By having your kid pick one sport, they can focus their efforts towards developing their skills and not be distracted by anything else. And if next year, they want to try a new sport, that’s fine too.

Used vs. New

Be smart about your purchases. There’s no need to buy brand new equipment when there’s an affordable option. Many parents sell perfectly good equipment their children have outgrown or got bored of very quickly. Go online for great deals on used gear. You can also ask your community if anyone has any sports equipment they would like to donate.

Selling Old Equipment

Make more money by selling old equipment that your child has outgrown. Another great way to make money is to have a garage sale or sell stuff online once a year. Throughout the year, we tend to accumulate stuff we don’t need or end up only using one time.

Buy Only What’s Necessary

The fastest way for sports expenses to wreak havoc on your budget is when things start to add up and snowball. There’s no need to buy luxury items or unnecessary accessories. Explain to your child that branded headbands and towels and fancy water bottles don’t make them a better player.

Volunteer Your Time

Ask the head coach or the league leaders if they offer discounts to kids whose parents volunteer their time. Volunteering your time as a coach could mean saving on registration fees but it’s also an excellent way for you to spend more time with your child.

Research Sports Leagues

There are plenty of choices of sports programs to choose. If you do your research, you will find that there are lost-cost and even free programs run by the Boys and Girls Clubs, local churches, sponsored recreation centers, and the YMCA. Some applications might assist with finances and offer scholarships.

When it comes to expenses for the sports, there are smart ways to save. Be ready to do your research and don’t be ashamed to rely on your community who may have tips for you on where to find the best deals.