The Big Names Getting Involved in Youth Sports (and Why it Means so Much)

Every good cause has a celebrity attached to it. Why? A celebrity brings visibility to an issue. People may not connect with an organization, but they will likely connect with the celebrity that endorses said organization. Your initial thought may be that this is shallow, but let’s face it – if it works, it works!

In all honesty, it’s always great to see anyone endorsing the benefits of youth sports, but it’s especially exciting to see big name celebrities and athletes speaking up about and showing others how youth sports can be truly impactful in the lives of children.

These celebrities have all shown they really do care about youth sports – how many names do you recognize?

Snoop Dogg

While Snoop Dogg may be best known for his music and lifestyle, this rapper is all about giving back to the community through youth sports. Not only does he donate to events that focus on child health and sports, he’s also a coach and started a successful namesake football league.

His sport of choice is football, and interested fans can see the rapper show off his coaching skills in this recent documentary series “Coach Snoop” in which he trains a youth football team on how to really play America’s favorite pastime.

Kobe Bryant

World-famous basketball player Kobe Bryant is the founder of The Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation and Kobe Inc. This organization provides outreach and resources to families and children outside of sports, but Bryant does sports-specific philanthropy in the name of his foundation. In 2014, the KVBFF donated $20,000 to Kids In Sports Los Angeles, a charity that aims to help vulnerable youth in low-income areas through sports.

Kobe Bryant also has his own Nike shoes line specifically for young boys and often donates pairs to organizations.

Tiger Woods

This both famous and infamous pro-golfer has made a name for himself due to his passion for helping children. Not only has Tiger Woods used his fame to help children learn how to play golf and other sports, the Tiger Woods Foundation also has general programs designed to help children learn STEM field skills, offers after school programs and also helps children with college prep.

Woods is also the CEO of The First Tee, a junior golf program that both teaches children to play golf as well as offers life skills lessons.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk’s popularity helped put this sport on the map as something positive and inspirational. His foundation helps support children through providing recreational programs and also building skate parks in low-income neighborhoods. These resources help communities stay safe and offer kids a cool way to keep active.

Michael Phelps Foundation

In 2008, Michael Phelps committed an extreme act of philanthropy by donating $1 million to his own foundation. The Michael Phelps Foundation both helps teach children how to swim recreationally and competitively while also educating them on pool safety and other important life skills.